We are trusted by thousands of sellers and buyers around the globe and have partnered with globally recognized firms to bring you security in all your transactions.


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At EtioneraPay we understand that the security of your transactions is of utmost importance, That's why we've created a trusted escrow platform that ensures your payments are safe and easy.


At EtioneraPay, we have made the security of our client's funds and interest a central focus as we have put together a team of professionals working 24/7 to bring you a safe and smooth transaction process every day


Over the years, we have strengthened our partnership with globally recognized institutions geared towards providing you a hitch and fraud-free transactions and have won the trust of millions of users on our platform.

Ease of Use

We have made the process of securing all your transactions easy as you can always set up a functional and responsive account for all your transaction. With a single account, you could perform endless transactions.

Securely Connect, Confidently Transact:
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Buyers and Sellers

Are you looking to Buy or Sell online, but worried about the risk of fraud?

Our Escrow platform provides a secure and reliable solution that satisfies both buyers and sellers. With EtioneraPay, buyers can confidently send money to sellers as they are confident that their money will be held in an escrow account until the goods or services are received and meet their satisfaction.

On our platform, sellers are assured that they will receive payment once the transaction is completed and the buyer is satisfied. EtioneraPay offers peace of mind and promotes trust between buyers and sellers on our platform.

Client and Service Providers

EtioneraPay is dedicated to providing secure and reliable services for both clients and service providers.

We understand the importance of trust in every business transaction, so we have created a system where clients and service providers are given equal opportunities to build healthy long-term client-business relationships.

It doesn't matter if you're a client looking for a service provider or a service provider looking for a client, EtioneraPay offers a platform to achieve this dream. With our services, you are assured of utmost professionalism and Confidentiality in all your transactions.

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Questions We Get Asked Often?

Here at EtioneraPay, we've put together a list frequently asked questions

An Online escrow platform is a service that acts as a trusted third party intermediary between buyers and sellers in online transactions. The Platform holds the buyer's payment until the seller delivers the goods or services as agreed upon

The buyer sends payment to the escrow platform and the platform holds the payment until the seller delivers the goods or services as agreed upon. Once the buyer confirms receipt and satisfaction the platform releases the payment to the seller

Online escrow platform typically charge a free based on a percentage of the transaction value or flat fee. The exact fee structure can vary depending on the platform.

Disputes are resolved by the escrow platform through mediationor arbitration. The platform may also require proof of delivery or other evidence to determine the validity of the dispute

If the seller fails to deliver the goods or services as agreed upon the buyer can file dispute with the escrow platform. The platform may hold the payment until the dispute is resolved

Buyers can usually cancel a transaction on an online escrow platform if the seller agrees to the cancellation. The platform may change a cancellation fee.

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